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Origins of the Motor City Lodge #188

  The history of the Lodge can be traced back to the mid 1960’s when officers, primarily from the Wayne State University Police Department, the Grand Trunk Railroad Police Department and probation officers from the Michigan Department of Corrections banded together and formed the Metro Detroit Lodge #144. After more than forty years and as the members retired or moved out of the city, the Metro Detroit Lodge kept moving to accommodate its membership. Ultimately moving out of the City of Detroit and Wayne County, into Madison Heights.

  In 2002, the Michigan FOP District Trustee for the area, seeing a need for a lodge to return to the Motor City, brought together several officers from several different federal, state, county and municipal agencies that were primarily focused within Detroit and began the process of creating what ultimately became the Motor City Lodge #188 on March 8th 2003.

  About five years after the creation of the Motor City Lodge, the Metro Detroit Lodge "came home" after it was decided to merge the two lodges, with the combined lodge being located within the City of Detroit.

  Now, after just celebrating our 10th Anniversary we have active members, numbering in the hundreds, from 31 different criminal justice agencies. Our associates are everyday members of the community who in some cases volunteer their off time to represent seven different police reserve or auxiliary police organizations.

  We have come a long way in our ten years and with the help, determination and vision of our active, associate and executive board members we will strive to continue and expand our successes and continue to serve the well being of others before our own. To us, the phrase, "To Serve and Protect" is not just some cheezy words on a car door, - It is the way we are determined to live our lives.

Roscoe Mayfield,


Motor City Lodge #188

Fraternal Order of Police

January 2018


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